• SpacePak takes great pride in providing industry professionals with the education and equipment needed to help accelerate the shift towards a cleaner and greener future

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What is WaterWorks? A FREE application and technical education platform authored by John Siegenthaler. This series of publications is filled with hydronic application solutions designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow’s heating and cooling requirements.

Who is it for? Hydronic industry professionals who want to unlock the potential of modern hydronics technology and arm themselves with cutting edge solutions to apply in the field.

Why should you register? There is no HVAC system available that is more versatile than a well-designed hydronic system. The knowledge you will gain from WaterWorks will allow you to leverage SpacePak’s state-of-the-art hydronic product offering and create unique solutions that efficiently integrate all building operations into one central system.

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Volume 1 Why Water?
Volume 2 Small-Scale Hydronic Cooling
Volume 3 Modern Hydronics vs. Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
Volume 4 Air-to-Water Heat Pumps and Boilers
Volume 5 Lowering Water Temperature in Hydronic Heating
Volume 6 Solstice Heat Pump Application Manual
Volume 7 A Split System Air-to-Water Heat Pump Solution

Industry Leader in Air-to-Water Heat Pump Technology

In addition to being the Innovator of Small Duct High Velocity Systems, SpacePak is also the Industry Leader in Air-to-Water Heat Pump Technology.

You may be familiar with air-to-air heat pumps such as ductless mini-splits, or ground-source heat pumps also known as geothermal, and maybe you have even heard of water-source heat pumps that require a body of water nearby. Like many people in North America however, you may have never heard of air-to-water heat pumps or any of the reasons that make them a superior solution over said alternatives and traditional fossil-fueled hydronic (boiler-driven) systems.

While air-to-water heat pumps are relatively new to the U.S, they are widely used in Europe and China and quickly growing in popularity here in North America. The reason? As conversations about a ‘greener’ world continue to resonate and drive adoption towards electrification, carbon neutral, and net zero buildings; industry experts are increasingly turning to air-to-water to help them get the job done.

SpacePak decided a long time ago that we wanted to play a role in helping to accelerate our country’s shift towards a cleaner and greener future. But how? By providing industry professionals with the education and equipment they needed of course! So, with a strong understanding of the efficient performance and environmental promises of air-to-water technology, in 2011 SpacePak Hydronics confidently introduced Solstice® Air-to-Water Heat Pumps to the North American market.

Over the past decade, our passion for spreading the air-to-water solution continues to grow as we witness more and more industry professionals come to learn and love the technology as much as we do. SpacePak takes great pride in being the driving force behind its adoption here in North America and has become the industry leader in air-to-water heat pump technology along the way.

In 2019, SpacePak's Solstice® Extreme low-ambient air-to-water heat pump was awarded the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award, aimed at giving recognition to promising innovative technologies that meet a rigorous performance criterion to reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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