About Us

  • The Innovators of Small Duct High Velocity Central Heating and Cooling

Our Mission

Our top priority is making sure that your family is able to live in comfort in a home that they love. At SpacePak, we rely on decades of industry know-how and every-day expertise to provide our customers with a best-in-class central heating and cooling system that increases comfort, saves space, and preserves the aesthetics and architectural integrity of their homes, with minimal renovation.

Inventor of the SpacePak System with the original design
Anitra Mecadon and a certified SpacePak contractor installing wall outlets

Our Certified Contractors

We supply SpacePak systems through a network of SpacePak Certified Contractors. Our certified contractors complete comprehensive hands-on training courses through The Reed Institute, our educational center and training lab based out of Westfield, MA.

We know how important it is to find a local certified contractor you can trust. Request a quote and we’ll put several contractors in touch with you.

Our Team

As a division of Mestek, SpacePak has a long history of creating innovative products and giving homeowners the customer service they deserve. Our corporate headquarters located in Westfield, MA is home base for our Engineering, Technology, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service teams while our manufacturing takes place at our plant in Farmville, NC. Our company has been proudly delivering American Made Quality for over 70 years

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The SpacePak team standing in a field with the Reed Institute in the background
Mestek headquarters in Westfield, MA

Our Parent Company

First established in 1946 with our founder making copper fin tubed baseboard out of his garage in Westfield, MA. Known today for its experience based innovation; Mestek has grown to become a family of 45 different brands across three highly competitive industries. With our HVAC technology companies spanning the industry, no other manufacturing company has engineering and application expertise in so many product markets: our experience is driving our innovation.