Dec 15, 2022 | 

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SpacePak Joins Warmboard on the Build Show



The rules are changing, inefficient energy applications are out, and energy efficiency is in. And with changing regulations, gas as a fuel source is being replaced throughout the US with electric. Heat Pumps are increasingly popular. But never have you been able to combine the efficiency of a heat pump, with the efficiency and comfort of a radiant floor heating system. Warmboard has brought a wholly new approach to radiant floor heating. Innovating with new controls, better technology, and improved performance to create an offering that can bring an unrivaled leveled of efficiency and comfort to even the coldest climates.


What You'll Learn:

SpacePak Heat Pump + Warmboard radiant is a one-of-a-kind offering. The best comfort and efficiency.

Gas is dying. Electric is the future. Time to prepare and adapt.

Flexible solutions depending on the needs of your project (size, geography, fuel source).


Matt Risinger, CEO Risinger Build

Terry Alsberg, Warmboard

Jim Bashford, SpacePak





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