Spacepak System

  • Preserving Aesthetics and Architectural Integrity
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The SpacePak system is designed to blend in with your home’s décor and can be installed within the existing framework, without having to tear down walls.
SpacePak removes 30% more humidity than conventional central air systems. That means you can set the thermostat a few degrees higher while still feeling cooler, saving you money by using less energy.
SpacePak pioneered and perfected the concept of "aspiration", which uses air streams to create a gentle continuous mixing of air in the room to provide uniform, draft-free comfort throughout every room on each floor of your home.

How it Works

We created the original Small Duct High Velocity central heating and cooling system, designed for aesthetic appeal and flexible installation in both older homes and modern custom homes. Our pre-insulated 2 inch flexible ducts allow our SpacePak Certified Contractors to install the SpacePak system throughout the home without major renovation or installation of obtrusive bulkheads and unsightly wall units. These flexible ducts can be fed through walls, ceilings, and floors to accommodate the unique layout of your home. Our compact air handling unit is small enough to fit in a closet, attic, basement, or crawlspace yet powerful enough to deliver the level of cooling or heating needed by even the largest of homes.

See how SpacePak works with our SpacePak 101 video

SpacePak 101

Cutaway illustration of a three story home depicting how SpacePak works
SpacePakMini-SplitConventional Central Air
2'' flexible ductwork that fits discretely inside wall and floor cavities
No major renovation needed such as gutting walls or adding bulkheads
Energy saving temperature zoning capabilities
5" round diameter vents with a variety of styles to blend in with any décor
Vents can be installed anywhere – wall, ceiling, floor - and still provide optimum comfort
Operates with virtually no detectable sound through the use of sound attenuators
Removes over 30% more humidity for improved comfort and better energy efficiency
Premium air circulation and draft-free comfort with no hot or cold spots
A total home comfort solution

Case Studies

Desert-style home with orange walls and tile ceiling with blue skies

SpacePak System Earns Respect in the Hot Tucson Desert

English tudor home in Chicago home with dark brown roof and spacious garden

SpacePak is the Solution for this Chicago English Tudor Home (project by American Vintage Home)

Log cabin in an open forest with a stone chimney

A Cool Log Home In The Woods

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