Project Details

150 year old, 4 story college campus dormitory building that was being reconditioned and converted into an administrative building and small chapel.

Due to the buildings vintage and design, there were no ceiling spaces between floors that could be used for a conventional ductwork chase.

The building was equipped with steam heating and had no air conditioning.

Building required temperature control on both the east and west side of each floor.

Hawn Heating & Air-Conditioning of Rochester, NY suggested one high velocity system with both DX and HW coils per floor, divided into two zones (east and west).

The design engineers loved the idea and since no one else knew how to do it, Hawn got the job!

System Design

One high velocity air handler per floor.

Boiler located in basement to provide hot water for heating coils on all four floors.

One 9" round sleeved metal trunk with zone damper feeding each side (east/west) of all floors.

20 outlets per zone (5 ton system @ 20 outlets/zone = 5 outlets/ton/zone).

High velocity ducts were just small enough to be located above the dropped ceiling.

One zone interface panel controlling all four secondary pumps, primary pump and boiler

Small Duct, High Velocity, Multiple Zone System Design

Equipment and Material List

HVAC Equipment

  • 4 - 5 Ton High Velocity systems with both DX and HW coils
  • 1 - 700 MBH Hot Water Boiler
  • 4 - 5 Ton Condensing units

Zoning Controls

  • 4 - AirBoss-2 Zone Panels w/ Bypass control
  • 1 - Zone Interface Panel
  • 8 - 9" Round Dampers
  • 4 - 8" Bypass Dampers
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