Case Studies

Cooling a desert home with SpacePak central air conditioning
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SpacePak System Earns Respect In The Hot Tuscon Desert

Providing an efficient cooling system for a home in the desert is difficult under most circumstances, however, when the home is 4,200 square feet, and full of wide open spaces, 15- and 25-foot high ceilings, lots of windows, and virtually no room for traditional ductwork, the project is especially difficult.

SpacePak high velocity small duct in the St. Rose of Lima catholic church
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St. Rose of Lima Gets Stealth Central A/C System

The St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, a stunning gothic structure completed and consecrated more than 115 years ago, had awed and inspired generations of its members. Yet to churchgoers, the historic landmark in Perrysburg, Ohio, had one major drawback - it had no air conditioning system to relieve parishioners from the hot, humid and uncomfortable Ohio summer temperatures.

Commercial cooling and ventilation with spacepak small duct high velocity central air
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SpacePak Solves Commercial Business Cooling & Ventilation Need

In a commercial setting, how can you reduce your cooling equipment size and cost, while still providing sufficient AC to all of the tenants in your building? That was the question that Oasis Mechanical of Lanham, Maryland had to answer when addressing the needs of the Greenbriar Community Building in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Log homes
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A Cool Log Home in the Woods

Log homes are not built like most other types of homes or buildings. In fact, by definition log homes have solid exterior walls with some solid interior walls, too. So when it comes to installing central air conditioning, there is often very limited space for Ductwork, returns, and other mechanical necessities. The problem gets more complicated when the home design has an open floor plan and even fewer walls.

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